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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Dream-come-True !

Hello friends,
    A can-do attitude is all one needs. It acts like a bridge between success and failure !
  Struggle for life is never ending, and I'm here to face it.
I strongly believe ..In the middle of difficulty lies Opportunity. I would like to share you my interview experience. That moments of getting placed in infy is highly unforgettable!. First thing you need to do is, prepare your resume in an impressive way. Don’t add up anything extra which you don’t know. Don’t ever copy paste anything from others resume.
     It was my first placement interview. And Infosys interview is a cake walk if you clear the first round. First get prepared for aptitude test. I got prepared for aptitude questions a month back of this interview to give my best in campus interviews, I started solving quants in a tricky way. Attending Ethnus training has helped me lot in this regard. And the suggestions of my dear-most seniors gave me a mind set of preparing well for the technical interview.I Took as many as sample online tests I could. Solved 2 Infosys pattern papers. So then verbal I was good enough to solve sections in it. For me infy aptitude test was on 6th of October. It was a pool campus at Sahyadri College of engineering and technology, Mangalore. Totally 550 members attended for the first round. Out of it 210 were shortlisted. The test was quite tough in general. But I could solve it easily as I was well prepared for it. My next round was on 8th of October. Technical and HR round were just Great. I was pretty well prepared for technical a day back of my technical round. 3 Websites , and gave me nice brush up of all basic concepts. I was called in at 11.11am. It was a one-on-one interview. The interviewer was impressed studying my resume. He asked me about my life. My life in fact is a tree of challenges and I daily strive hard to accomplish things. He was impressed about my extra-curricular achievements as am a singer, dancer, writer and an artist. He praised me saying.. “Good to know that you are a multi-tasker, and a hard worker too. How do you manage all these with your studies?” I told him, “Sir I don’t study regularly , only during exams I do, but I love the subjects and study for knowledge and that makes me score well, so managing other activities don’t stress me much, I would rather love to be busy”. He asked me about my field of achievements. Next he started asking about my projects I undertook. I explained him everything about it. He poured me questions on basics of C/C++, DBMS. He asked me to tell about object oriented programming. I explained him whatever I knew. He was satisfied with my answers, I could see that with his good smile all throughout my interview.
     In total, my interview went on so well that I was pretty sure of me being selected. And yea, finally we got results . Happy that DREAM CAME TRUE! . Whatever.. Its not the end , challenges i keep accepting . I believe Many things in life are uncertain, but faith allows us to live a life of positivity and patience. "Fingers crossed " , Hope my training at Mysore goes well ! I wish All the best to you too !!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Footsteps to Python Workshop..

[ learnt(more..) + enjoyed (alot more...) ]

     On account of SOFTWARE FREEDOM DAY...(SDF) , there was an amazing and usefull workshop on a computer programing language called "Python"..on  28th and 29th of sep 2013,at P.A college mangalore,arranged by GLUG Mangalore.
     That was really great attending the sessions both the days.We started from here to P.A college with lots of expectations of learning something about Python.And this language is really an interesting prospect to be known,which is much easier than any other languages like C/C++, java or any other.Once after the registration was done,we were called to seminar hall, where they taught us the basics of Python.Once we were done with this,we were shifted to computer labs to work on some commands and sample programs.And that was an amazing experience in the workshop labs where the co-ordinators , speakers and the volunteers helped us a lot in inplementing and solved the programs efficiently.We were made to  involve in the sessions and it was made of interactive sessions.This was just on saturday's session,which got ended up at around 4:45pm.With lots of expectations for the next day's sessions,we left off from there.
     Even the next day was truely a wonderful day .We started up with working on sample programs on files,class structures,dictionaries and so on.. There was even a small programimg contest .The co-ordinators didn't make us much hungry .We were provided with a tummy full of food and that was yummy.Later Mr.Sharath gave a talk on free hardware,culture and some general issues.That was really interesting to know something about Software freedom.This is something called "Fortune knocks the door only once"..we ought to make the best of it..The ending session too went on well really good and  enjoyed the whole session both the days.
     Infact, with lots of fun we learnt so many things on Python.Thanks to the whole team for conducting such a wonderful workshop which was much useful..Thanks again ,for the  opportunity given.